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Online marketplace where you can buy and sell within your network


Buy & Sell with your network, which extends into the millions. In the marketplace, you have complete control over who you deal with. The idea is a comfortable marketplace, where there is a face attached to every transaction you enter. You have built your network organically over the years, our marketplace is where you realize its utility (and hopefully cash in!). 

For example: you may only want to buy furniture (something personal) from a trusted source, such as a friend or friend of friend, which can easily be filtered through our search options. On the contrary, if you are selling tickets to an event (something less personal), you may want this post to be visible to your entire extended network. 

The choice is yours! Our marketplace is there to serve any comfort level you desire when buying & selling with your network.

Find roommates or housing accommodations on


Finally! A trusted source to find a roommate or sublet your apartment. You will only be dealing with your network (as extended as you prefer), leading to a safer and more comfortable sublet and roommate search process. Sublets and finding anonymous roommates through craigslist are a thing of the past. With our networks as large as they are, our trusted Housing platform provides you the perfect place to find your perfect roommate, find sublets or sublet your apartment to trusted connections. 

Like the marketplace, you dictate what audience you are interested in living with.

Example: You are a recent female grad moving to NYC and are in need of a roommate. You want to live with another female, 28 or younger, and who is within your second degree of connections (friends and friends of friends). Well you are in the right place, only users who fall within your preferred network will see your post. Further, you will now know who they are friends with and can easily verify their legitimacy. 

Connect with people in your network


Find activity partners, organize events and link up professionally all within your network.  


You have a great app idea but don’t know what to do with it because you need a developer.  Instead of searching through unknown databases or receiving excessive quotes from development companies – tap into your own network and find a trusted developer within (maybe even a future business partner… the possibilities are endless). 

You want to start a weekly basketball league in the East Village.  Since it is not so personal, you may want to open up the league to friends and friends of friends.

Your network is finally working.