Do I ever get charged for posting on friend.town?

Never! All transactions are up to you, we just help put you in touch with your network.

Is there anything I can't sell on friend.town?

As long as it's legal (and falls within a relative category)...sell! sell! sell!

How does the transaction work?

All transactions are determined solely by you. We simply connect you. Once you have contacted the poster, all negotiations and details of the transaction are on your terms!

What is the easiest way to search for a specific item/service?

Utilize our various filtering options.  You can either search for a specific item by its category on our left navigation bar, or you can search by "Tags" or keywords in our search bar.

Can I find items outside my current location?


Example: You are graduating college and moving into a new city.  You are currently located in Syracuse and would like to purchase furniture in NYC for your new apartment.  Your network has no boundaries!